28 July 2022
AIDA: showcase in Lecce - identity, fluidity, immersion

The showcase created in Lecce opened with the show the Bremen Town Musicians in search of identity, a playful and funny journey in which 3 animals decide to free themselves from the stereotypes that chain them to their roles to discover their talents by enhancing their own identity.

And again The deceived simplicity which tells from which seeds the claim of women was born, in an attempt to revive a revolution that we no longer feel the need for but which is still necessary. Aida involved a lot of the feminine language of the Adriatic, women of the sea and of barren lands who only pretended to leave power to their men but who actually determined the courses of the stories of freedom up to self- determination.

And then the show Nina's Radio Night because the strong identity of the Adriatic is also fluid. The history investigated by the AIDA project has highlighted, in its path then "repaired" as over the centuries, for various reasons, the identity absolutely had to be clear-cut. Today Tirana, Ulcinj, Campobasso and Lecce, despite the much pointed out SOUTH and the stereotypes that still inhabit it, has an open gaze to new forms of identity that these territories welcome because hospitality is a common theme in these places and among these people.

The show case continues with Sound of water. Water, the primordial element in which life is formed and in which it can die while trying to reach a landing place, fleeing from wars, invasions, destruction. The water of the Adriatic sea investigated by the AIDA project, the sea that binds and separates in that very small distance between the two shores. And the Adriatic Sea, like the Mediterranean Sea, carries far and their waters, as fot the Kateri I Rades full of Albanian women and children or the boats arriving from Africa, swallow dreams and hopes.

The Lecce showcase could only close with Mbira the musical show by Roberto Castello who for years has been investigating the sound languages of all the southern hemisphere. What more than music and dance unites entire populations, breaking down all forms of difference and misunderstanding? For many centuries, Europeans and Arabs have explored, colonized and converted every corner of the planet. Today many cultures are lost and the Western one has become in many ways the universal reference and the world is getting smaller and less varied. But often in the colonization process it happens that the conqueror changes irreversibly by coming into contact with the culture of the conquered and this is what Mbira tries to talk about.

You can find the video at this link https://youtu.be/3y630wvqmG4