15 September 2022
AIDA Adriatic Identity through Development of Arts

ADIA - Adriatic Identity through Development of the Arts 

It is a project of cultural research of common identities in Apulia, Molise, Albania and Montenegro’s territories.
During the lifetime of the project, a precise research model of Adriatic identities was studied, analysed, tested and validated - a model that respected the involved territories and communities’ specific cultural peculiarities.
The developed model was about a research happened in 2 precise and different paths: the historic and social one and the artistic and cultural one, without ever fully separating the two actions, in order to find one or more common identities in the Adriatic reference area.

The two researches - the academic and the artistic ones - were realised with the involvement of a great number of experts: university professors, writers, scholars, and young artists, either residing in or native to the reference pilot areas. 
The actions were realised directly involving the researched territories and communities, through interviews, studies, territorial analysis also from the point of view of cities and researched territories urban development.

At the end of its path, the Aida project delivers two tangible results: a publication of the academic research and a theatre performance. These two products point out the common identities in the Adriatic area and the key words that united them: the conflicts, the dictatorships, the migrations, the sense of family as safe place and as a place from which to escape in order to grow, the ancient language present from a side of the Adriatic to the other and the look to the sea, the sea that throughout centuries has divided as it has united.