28 July 2022
AIDA: showcase in Campobasso - the traditon

The showcase at the Savoia Theater in Campobasso opens the show The Dress of the Party to investigate and highlight the tradition of the South, the tradition in the Adriatic, beyond the Adriatic and tell the FESTIVAL of the country, the moment when a whole community, with no distinctions of social class and origin, between the sacred and the profane, unites to listen to the band and watch the fireworks. The thread of tradition in the lands guided by the sacred. To say it again with the famous song by Rino Gaetano: "Lei sfogliava i suoi ricordi le sue istantanee i suoi tabù, le sue madonne i suoi rosari e mille mari e alalà”.
Music still follows Quintet - stories in tango. How much energy and involvement comes from the musical message to a large group of people who follow that thread of cultural contamination! The tango is not Adriatic, it is not even really from the Far South and yet it belongs to everyone. This is how in a project that highlights the strong identities of peoples from various points of view, music, queen of social inclusion, shows its highest point: it belongs to everyone, without borders.
The Campobasso showcase La gratitira closes, the result of Field Research, desk research, countless interviews, research into sounds, Arbëreshë, women of the sea and land, lost and found children. The importance of origins is the main knot of "La gratitira", a very current theme and a trauma, that of detachment, experienced in the 90s by Albanian citizens that can be found in the experience of those who are forced, even today, to leave their land. Only the language remains the only thread that binds the protagonist to his Albanian origins.

You can find the video at this link https://youtu.be/I_ihNeYAAco