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Adriatic Identity through Development of Arts

Project Summary

AIDA wants to highlight the common ground between citizens and communities in the programme area, and create an Adriatic Identity Model based on memory awareness, developed through a desk research and a field research. The project will create local community networks in the cities of Lecce, Campobasso, Tirana and Ulcinj, which will then be connected in a cross-border network of communities of the Adriatic area. In each city, artistic projects will be carried out, with involvement of all stakeholders in the recovery of  collective memory. Activities will be linked to abandoned and forgotten places, symbols of lost memory. The results will flow into a unique work of contemporary art: an original theatrical production involving artists from all areas.

widows, sea

Ph. Antonello Luciani

Total budget 722.193,98 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 01/07/2020 – 31/12/2021

Main Outputs

-    The AIDA Creative Adriatic Identity Model

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Koreja Soc. Coop. Impresa Sociale (IT) Contacts: Anna Petrachi - anna.petrachi[at]
Project Partners
  1. Fondazione Molise Cultura (IT)
  2. Qendra Kulturore Tirana (AL)
  3. Nevladina Fondacija "Lika" (ME)