28 July 2022
AIDA: desk research in Tirana - Kombinat

The history of Kombinat, one of the districts of Tirana, has a particular relationship with the rise and fall of the Stalinist dictatorship in Albania. The district was born and developed together with the textile factory - Kombinati i tekstileve "Stalin" - at the dawn of the 1950s. During the period of the Communist dictatorship, the neighborhood grew as an industrial urban formation thanks to the migration and reproduction of the working class. With the fall of communism, the factory closed,and the neighborhood went through the risks of Albania's transition from a centralized to a market economy.
Research within the AIDA project has focused on describing the layers through which Kombinat articulates itself as a site of identity for people who consider themselves Kombinat. What does it mean to be Kombinat? What does Kombinat mean for the people who inhabit it? What is the relationship between the people and the place? To what extent is this relationship mediated by the family, peer groups or public institutions?

You can find the video at this link https://youtu.be/yE16FLuCdJc