28 July 2022
AIDA: desk research in Lecce - Borgo Pace

“Those who have always lived here are do not really feel part of the urban community. They claim belongingness to something else”. [Matteo]

“I love it regardless, Borgo Pace. So, I could never notice any flaws and even if you notice it, let's say, you still love it, like when you love a person, you don't notice flaws and therefore you like them. [...] For me, just to hear the talk, I already know that it is Mrs. Tina, this already makes me feel better than in a neighbourhood I don’t know. [...] Maybe I'm also a bit childish, it's just love for a land, just land at the level of ... of air, of land”. [Giusy]

AIDA searched for keywords in places and languages . In Lecce, prof. Angelo Salento directed his search for an Adriatic identity in Borgo Pace, a suburb of Lecce. Borgo Pace as it is a suburb in the suburbs, and because of its way of being born, grown, modified and modernized over time, it perfectly represents the development and modernization processes of the other pilot areas involved in the project. The research was conducted with the academic experience of the university professor who also had the knowledge of the local from Lecce and friendship with all the "characters" interviewed.

You can find the video at this link https://youtu.be/35uIkesc2WA