28 July 2022
AIDA: Adriatic Identity trought Development of Arts

AIDA has investigated the Adriatic identity from several point of view: interviews, workshops, production, showcases, meetings, exchanges, shared and exchanged food: is it better to eat with me or with you? We eat better together by discovering common recipes. And these embroideries? And these songs? And these tales of elderly people who have left, returned, died or survived, indeed risen better than before. The model of investigation was to look for identity precisely where it was thought to be lost, where it was hidden because it was poor or because it was desecrated, where it was exalted as typical of that place and instead had many, too many points of contact and comparison. Identity, therefore, not as a form of closure but as a form of special and common story.

You can find the video at this link https://youtu.be/67eZyQLC_gA