28 July 2022
AIDA: a common language

Per chi piango? Per chi prego? Qual poter m'avvince a lui! Deggio amarlo ed è costui un nemico, uno
From Giuseppe Verdi Aida

One of the threads that unites the territories bordering the Adriatic, Molise - Puglia - Albania -
Montenegro, is the language: on the eastern part of the Adriatic sea, the Italian language is
spoken and understood well and in Molise and in Puglia the Arbëreshë language is still in use in
 many municipalities and young people want to preserve, defend and make this linguistic richness
 a heritage.
AIDA, just like the protagonist of Verdi's opera, recognizes and pursues this strong common
identity by going beyond the borders that years of wars, dictatorships, welcomed or rejected
migrations have built up. History has often built walls between these peoples and instead the
inhabitants of these lands have the dialogue of those who live history, make it grow and do not
destroy it.

You can find the video at this link https://youtu.be/ATLq9kkZNo8